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distant quantum energy mini sessions

Enjoy these special Air Spa Fractal Mini sessions,  Experience 15 - 20 minutes of gentle energy medicine.  Phone (347) 662-0865 to register or register using the links below.   You can order more tha one session and receive the benefits of multilep sessions at once.  

Sinus Cleanse - Feel energy throughout our body when you cleanse your sinusus.

Pain Management - Energize your pain level with fractal light waves.

Relaxation and Centering - Relax with a gentle energy coaching program desiged to manage stress and promote inner peace.

Foot Bathing - Bathe your feet with the energy of the Reflexology Angels.

Virus Neutrlization and Immunity Boost  -  Enjoy an extreme immune cleanse desiged to fight stress from invaders.

Career Manifestation - Engage soul to soul with career guidance and spiritual support teams.

Weight Management - fight the holiday or every day gain blues with energy management frequencies.



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Enjoy key programs designed to help you manage stress and relax daily.


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